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crocusPupil Premium at Anstey Junior School 2015/2016

The pupil premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils so that they can achieve in line with their peers.

It is for schools to decide how the Pupil Premium, allocated to schools per FSM pupil, is spent, since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within their responsibility.” 

Source – DfE website

At Anstey Junior, our school vision and motto is ‘aim high, no limits’– we believe that this is true for all children, regardless of their background or family circumstances.

We are determined to ensure that all of our pupils are given every chance to achieve. Pupil premium funding, along with allocations made from the school’s own budget will help ensure this money is spent to maximum effect.

Pupil Premium Funding:

Evidence and research shows that the most effective schools narrow the gap in achievement through a combination of high teacher expectations and quality first teaching with an appropriate, relevant and engaging curriculum supported by purposeful and timely interventions and enrichment opportunities.

Our pupil premium money has been used to provide a range of additional support for our children and these interventions and provision, along with quality first teaching are designed to have a positive impact on children’s attainment and self-belief.

Through targeted interventions we are working hard to eliminate barriers to learning and progress. As a school, we aim to ensure that ALL pupils make good progress in order to reach age related expectations as they move through the school.

At Anstey, we are fully aware of the positive impact that parents can have on their children’s learning and progress and increasing parental engagement is a key focus. We value parents as part of the school community and are developing better ways in which we can support them in order to make them better equipped to support their children at home.

2016 – 2017:

Number of pupils eligible 57 Including:1 ‘Looked after children’ (LAC)6 children from Service families
Total PP funding £84,811

Listed below is a detailed breakdown of how the school intends to use the funding to overcome barriers to learning and attainment in this academic year.

Summary of provision Focus / intendended impact % of budget spent
Enhanced, bespoke curriculum to promote experiential learning, lead by specialist practitioners. Widen and develop pupils’ experience outside of the classroom. Provide a range of learning opportunities to suit different strengths and learning styles so that pupils can achieve success and build resilience and esteem. 5%
One to one tuition throughout the school to promote progress (class teachers work with pupils to support and enhance learning) Maths. Overcome specific gaps in and barriers to learning to enable pupils to make better progres.

Build positive relationships and develop pupils confidence and competence.

Small group intervention for Maths and English led by senior leader Maths and English.

Bespoke curriculum to develop and secure key skills to enable pupils to meet age-related expectations by the end of year 6. Improve parental engagement in learning.

Attendance support worker to liaise with parents and offer / signpost relevant support Improve rates of attendance and punctuality, enabling pupils to access learning effectively and make progress. Develop positive relationships and parental engagement. Liaise with outside agencies as appropriate to provide support in school/ in the home as needed 6%
Designated teacher for service children – one to one tuition Provide social and emotional support to enable pupils to access learning. Create bespoke learning opportunities suited to individual strengths/ needs.

Increase parental engagement – widen network.

Places funded at breakfast club /extended schools.


Reduce vulnerability factors. Ensure pupils receive breakfast / snacks as well as ensuring punctual attendance etc. Develop pupils’ sense of community belonging. Improve self esteem and minimise anxieties. Funded through free food scheme at the moment.
Places provided / funded for extra-curricular clubs and activities. Improve inclusion and participation. Develop pupils’ skills, experiences and confidence. Widen experiences – sport, music, arts. 7%
Financial support for school trips and visits (including residentials) Maximise opportunities for inclusion. Broaden pupils’ experiences and promote. 6%
Emotional Literacy Support* with a specialist ELSA Develop social and emotional skills. Provide counselling / therapy as required. Engage parents through shared sessions Available to all pupils, so from main budget.
Allocated key worker to liaise with pupils & families Improve parental engagement. Provide friendly support and encouragement to parents, based on specific learning /goals for individual child. Build relationships and develop positive links between learning at home and school. 5%
Break time snack provided Encourage healthy eating. Ensure food intake. Providing fuel for learning and improved concentration etc 1%
Food provided by Marks and Spencer / Neighbourly scheme Additional food available to supplement family meals etc. Free

Please note that the school spends more than its allocated budget to support pupils who are eligible for pupil premium.

*All children have access to ELSA support, Nurture Group, LSA support and Friendship / Strategies groups, as well as an enhanced curriculum.

Last academic year (2015-2016)

Number of pupils eligible 61Including:0 ‘Looked after’ children (LAC)5 children from Service families
Total PP funding £82607

Attainment of pupils at the end of key stage 2:

Year 6 % achieving Age Related Expectations at the start of year % achieving Age Related Expectations at the end   of year % gain academic year 2015 – 2016
Reading Writing Maths Reading Writing Maths Reading Writing Maths
Pupil Premium 25 10 25 45 23 36 20 13 11
All Pupils 39 30 40 64 50 45 25 20 5
Gap -14 -20 -15 -19 -27 -9 -5 -7 +6
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