Morning my lovelies you are not going to believe this but last week I had gone back up to 16 stone and 6 pounds but yesterday I weighed in at 15 stone and 9 1/2 ponds which is exactly what I weighed the week before Christmas and if you haven’t worked it out yet that means I some how lost 10 1/2 pounds in a week I know I still cant believe it. I am more motivated now than before I know I’ve already smashed my target with loosing 2 stone and 9 1/2 pounds already but I have only got roughly 5 months before the slimmathon ends so I need all the support and money you can offer to get this new building underway in the summer holidays. I know its a bad time of year financially but even a couple of pounds will make all the difference and I’m sure at least 50%of you have children / grandchildren / nieces / nephews or even friends children’s that go to Anstey junior school and will benefit from this brand new building so PLEASE PLEASE SPONSER ME BY GOING ON THE ANSTEY JUNIOR WEBSITE I’M DOING MY BIT ARE YOU DOING YOURS?  oh also just to let you know I made the most awesome lamb vindaloo recipe from slimming world hot but very very tasty see you next week 

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