Sorry I’m a bit late but quess what I got my 2 and 1/2 stone award last week yay getting there slowly and when I was sorting through my photos on my camera I came across these photos from our summer holiday this year. OMG people this was when I noticed the weight loss for the very first time I was like WOW I can really see it now and quess what I will be returning to the same place next year and I will be posing in the same place and we will compare lol hopefully there will be a HUGE difference ( I hope ). Christmas is really making me very nervous I know I’m in control of everything I put in my mouth but its the temptation I have to fight so much beautiful FOOD ARGH oh well I will try and make as much as I can but hey I’m only human lol. Now come on and get behind me get your hands in those pockets and pull out all your change and please please help us to raise as much money as we can for our brilliant new Anstey room bye for now.

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