Hi me again well I’ve made some amazing scotch eggs and they are only 1 and 1/2 syns for me but if I was to have a shop bought one that would be 15 syns and quess what i’m only allowed 15 syns a day so I know which ones I’ll be having in future. My son Alfie made me laugh I also made a meatloaf and when I served it up Alfie turned round and said it looks like something that’s come out of our dog bless him don’t you just love kids lol but hey luckily it did actually taste quite nice. I won’t keep you waiting any longer I lost another 1 and 1/2 pounds last week which takes me up to 17 pounds in 6 weeks hey guess what that means people only another 11 pounds and that’s my 2 stone off which will be fab as I can get working down to my own personal target which is to get to 13 stone fingers crossed.

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